Incidence Estimation Archive

Date Title
2009-01-01 A Comparison of Incidence Estimators; TA McWalter, A Welte; PLoS ONE; 2009
2012-01-09 A General HIV Incidence Inference Scheme Based on Likelihood of Individual Level Data and a Population Renewal Equation
2012-05-09 ABIE Incidence and Prevalence v2.0
2012-05-09 ABIE Incidence Ratio Calculator v2.0
2012-05-09 ABIE P-value for Difference Calculator v2.0
2012-05-09 ABIE Power to Detect Difference Calculator v2.0
2012-05-09 ABIE Sample Size Calculator v2.0
2013-03-13 ABIE Test Performance Calculator v2.0
ABIE v3 Overall Release Note
2014-01-07 ABIE_IncidencePrevalence_v2.0_Guide_v1.0
2014-01-07 ABIE_IncidenceRatio_v2.0_Guide_v1.0
2014-01-07 ABIE_PowerDifference_v2.0_Guide_v1.0
2014-01-07 ABIE_PvalueDifference_v2.0_Guide_v1.0
2014-01-07 ABIE_SampleSize_v2.0_Guide_v1.0
2014-01-07 ABIE_TestPerformance_v2.0_Guide_v1.0
2015-06-26 ABIE_v3_Incidence_Difference_Calculator
2015-06-26 ABIE_v3_Incidence_Prevalence_Calculator
2015-06-26 ABIE_v3_Power_Calculator
2015-06-26 ABIE_v3_Sample_Size_Calculator
2015-06-26 ABIE_v3_Test_Performance_Calculator
2012-03-09 Analysis of Data to Assess and Characterise Incidence Assays
2010-01-01 Beyond Detuning: 10 Years of Progress and Challenges; M Busch et al; AIDS; 2010
2011-01-01 Development of specimen repository
2010-01-01 Estimating HIV Incidence Using Tests for Recent Infection; Mastro et al; jHASE; 2010
2012-07-11 hincEst_1.0.tar.gz
2011-01-01 Improved HIV Incidence Assays; Incidence Assay Critical Path Working Group; PLoS Med; 2011
2014-05-13 Modern Concepts in Incidence Estimation
2016-06-02 New R Package of Incidence Estimation Tools released on CRAN
2011-08-01 Presentation: Defining and Measuring Recent Infection; A Welte; Aug 2011
2012-01-31 Qualification Panel Data Analysis Plans
2012-03-26 R Code Blocks for Simulations and Figures in Manuscript by Mahiane et al 2012
2014-10-24 Recent HIV Infection Policy Brief
2010-01-01 Relating Recent Infection Prevalence to Incidence; TA McWalter, A Welte; J Math Bio; 2010
2015-06-26 SACEMA releases new version of Assay Based Incidence Estimation Tool kit
2014-10-31 SACEMA Researcher Reshma Kassanjee receives Ph.D. from Wits University for pioneering thesis on biomarker based HIV incidence estimation
2011-01-01 Seroconverting Blood Donors to Characterise RITAs; Kassanjee et al; PLoS ONE; 2011
2011-04-11 Status of the RITA Specimen Repository
2014-04-18 Talks given at Department of Health, April 2014
2009-11-02 Tool Guide: Assay Based Incidence Estimation Spreadsheet (v0.6)
2009-11-01 Tool Guide: Assay Calibration Spreadsheet (v0.5)
2009-11-02 Tool: Assay Based Incidence Estimation Spreadsheet (v0.6)
2011-04-01 Tool: Assay Based Incidence Estimation Spreadsheet (v1.0)
2009-11-01 Tool: Assay Calibration Spreadsheet (v0.5)
2013-03-13 User Guide ABIE TestPerformance_v2.0